Most nationalities of visitors to Malawi are required to have  a visa (particularly those countries where Malawians are required to pay for visas in order to visit).  All participants travelling from outside of Malawi to Kindly check if they require a visa to enter Malawi as rules can change.  A few countries can get a visa on arrival, but please check for the latest updates.  Citizens of the following countries with Malawian consulates need to get their visas there:  Angola, Burundi, Chad, Ghana, Senegal and South Sudan.  Moreover, citizens of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda do not need visas.   

Prior to travel you will be required to apply for  the Malawi e-Visa which is an official document which permits entry within Malawi. Travelers who want to travel Malawi can apply for the visa through this portal. The applicant can get their visas after providing the required details and making an online payment. 

Once you have registered, the 12th Triennial APA Conference will send you an official invitation letter to the Conference.