A Tiny Country with A Big Heart – Malawi

Located in Southern Africa, Malawi is landlocked, sharing its borders with Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania. The country has an estimated population of 18.6 million. Most importantly, it is known for its extraordinary freshwater lake, Lake Malawi, which dominates this landlocked country. The clear waters and tranquil islands provide the perfect, laid-back beach holiday. Whilst Malawi’s 11 national parks and wildlife reserves offer activities like game-viewing, hiking, mountain biking, and bird-watching

It is well-known for its smiling, friendly people Malawi is known as the “warm heart of Africa”, and rightly so. Malawi’s people are friendly and peaceful, making you feel completely welcome and at ease in their beautiful country.

Malawi is possibly one of the best freshwater diving and snorkelling spots in Africa. Plus it is also a great place to learn how to dive if you are a first-timer. Keen divers are often eager to “tick-off” a dive in this spot as the visibility is excellent and the water is warm. And you don’t have to go out in a boat to get to the nearest coral reef.

Though Malawi is not one of the top game-viewing countries in Africa, it still has two or three very attractive Game Reserves. Namely Liwonde National ParkMajete Game Reserve and the Tongole Wilderness. These offer plentiful sightings of elephant, hippo, crocodiles, plenty of water-adapted antelope. And of course, their predators which naturally follow the wildlife. Another plus point is that these game reserves are all easily connected by road

There are a number of magnificent hiking opportunities in this vast country. The Zomba Plateau, which rises to a height of 1 800metres (6 000 feet), presents relaxed hikes through lush forested areas. Experience incredible panoramic views and great bird-watching opportunities. Alternatively, Mount Mulanje is a huge granite massif in southern Malawi that provides wonderful hikes for families with its abundance of streams and peaks to explore. Another option is Nyika Plateau with its beautiful high rolling hills of grasslands dotted with zebra, antelope, orchids and butterflies, a hikers paradise!