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Rwanda, also known as the land of a thousand hills is an East African country that will surprise you with its all treasures. From its savannah, mountains, national parks, overlapping hills, rivers, and lakes, you will have a memorable stay in Rwanda.

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Being clean is standing proof of how people in Kigali are feeling and committed to keeping Kigali safe and clean through the regular community service Umuganda. There is a lot of excitement about Kigali mostly art galleries around Kigali, historical museums and amazing markets. Join monthly car-free day in Kigali to sport and stay healthy and visit Inema Art Center to feed your eyesight. Cultural events, sports and other entertainment activities keeps the city busy with the capacity to accommodate visitors. Hotels, restaurants, bars, and cafes are well distributed with the capacity and capability of delivering better services around Kigali.

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It is in the northern Gisozi, Gasabo district of the capital. Moto-taxi rides from the city center for about Frw500. Many people who come to Rwanda, mostly for their first time, they visit the Kigali Memorial Center mainly to honor the estimated 250,000 people buried in this place. While in Kigali, you may need to know more about what happened in Rwanda, during the Genocide against Tutsis in 1994. There are many things that you may be still wondering about how the world watched when the 1994 genocide unfolded. Once you’re in Rwanda, ensure it all come to clarity. You can choose to take an informative audio tour; you will be able to listen to different testimonies and speeches of before and during the 1994 genocide. Watching videos and viewing different photos will give you an immense understanding of the genocide from its beginning to the end. Not only can this, but remembrance and learning tours across Rwanda be arranged through Kigali Genocide Memorial Center.

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Akagera National Park is the home of antelopes, large plains game like elephant, buffalo, zebra, Giraffes to name but few. With the introduction of lion and rhinos’ families, the park has collaborated with Nyungwe and Volcanoes NP to offer safari elements that deliver all the satisfaction tourists desires. The park has also got over 500 species of birds. It got its name from Akagera River that has created several Lakes like Ihema that allows fishing experience and other interesting activities. Akagera National Park marks an exceptional level of biodiversity that made it the largest protected wetland in central Africa. It is a good experience we advise not to miss.

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They call it the birder’s paradise for the fact that over 300 bird species find their home at Nyungwe. The park is known for diversity with 12 primate’s species and 75 different species of mammal. The forest is evergreen and believes to be among Africa’s oldest forests with a lot of activities that appeases the visitors. Hiking and biking expose you the natural beauty of the forest and track chimpanzees is famous as well. Canopy walks and staring at waterfalls are the major activities everyone needs to experience.

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Literally called “Parc National de Volcans” or PNV (as known by locals), Volcano National Park is along the Virunga Mountains. Rwanda shares its 8 ancient volcanoes with Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This park is considered to be the central location for exploring various Rwanda experience and it takes two hours from Kigali to the park.

In the Volcanoes National Park, there are mountain gorillas which can be seen at the top of the mountain by a visitor. There is also a dramatic landscape that offers thrilling hiking and visits to the fascinating golden monkeys. Near the park, there are also vibrant markets in Musanze district, where visitors can get to immerse themselves into everyday Rwandan culture. People also enjoy Musanze’s caves as the area of newest attractions, with easy hiking, bright views of cascading lights from the surface, and a colony of bats. Outside of the volcano national park, there are a living museum highlights aspects of traditional Rwandan society called Iby’Iwacu Village. In this village, the activities relate the rituals and ways of life in the ancient Rwanda kingdom, performance, with overnight lodging.

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Don’t be surprised to hear that Rwanda has a beach! It is located in Rubavu (a.k.a Gisenyi) as a waterfront town located on the shores of Lake Kivu. This is the safest lake in Africa with no hippos and crocodiles, it has clean water. From the Volcanoes National Park, the place is an hour away. Rubavu marks the beginning of the Congo Nile Trait, extends 227 to Rusizi with plenty of biking and traits to fulfill those who want more adventure. Sea kayaks in this place are stable, designed for touring and they are original to the Kingfishers Journeys which operates guided tours from both Rubavu and Karongi, as well as between these lakeshore towns. This place is also known with agro-tourism experiences including many coffee and tea plantations. In Rubavu, there is an opportunity for enthusiasts to see how coffee is grown and made to a delicious cup of famous Rwandan coffee.

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Buhanga EcoPark is a small sized serene forest that packs a great deal of biological and cultural significance; mostly the birds and butterfly species. This site is built on an ancient sacred site used to be for coronation rituals of Rwandan kings.

This park is one of the conservation epicenters where many non-profit organizations choose to base their operations. Here, visitors can pay homage to the legendary scientist and gorilla advocate, Diana Fossey, with a hike to her tomb or a visit to her fund that continues her legacy of research and advocacy – Diana Fosse Gorilla Fund.

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