Abstract Submission Form and Guidelines


APA2022 Secretariat. Lilongwe, Malawi. 21st  January 2022

Abstract Submissions closed on 10th March 2022

All abstracts will be subjected to an evaluation process by the Abstract Committee to assess the suitability for inclusion in the conference programme.

  1. Abstracts must be submitted online via the Abstract submission portal
  2. All abstracts must be submitted and presented in English.
  3. Abstracts that have been previously presented at another meeting should not be submitted
  4. The presenting author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract and agree to its submission before submitting the abstract.
  5. Abstracts will be published as received. Typing or other errors made by the authors will not be corrected.
  6. Use MS Word to type abstracts.
  7. Use Arial font and font size 11, single space.
  8. The whole abstract body must not be longer than 400 words. This does not include title, authors, designation, affiliation and keywords.
  9. Type the title in CAPITAL LETTERS, followed by the name(s) of the author(s). For the name write the first name, followed by the surname. Underline the presenting author.
  10. Include the affiliation of all the authors.
  11. Leave a one-line space between the authors’ institution and the beginning of the text.
  12. The body of the abstract should be organized as follows:
  • State the main objectives and scope of the investigation
  • Describe the methodology employed
  • Summarize the results
  • State the main conclusions reached
  • Recommendations on the practical application may be made
  1. No illustrations may be included in the abstract.
  2. References are not required.
  3. Desist from concluding with “promise of additional data” or with “results will be discussed”.
  4. Provide a list of five to six keywords at the end of the abstract, in alphabetical order and not already used in the title.
  5. Authors must have a confirmed registration for the Conference by 1st May 2022 . Failure to do so will result in their paper being removed from the programme.
  6. Those selected for an oral presentation will be expected to  submit a paper by 24th June 2022.

Abstracts will be reviewed as they are submitted and therefore cannot be edited before completion of the review process. Please make sure that you have read the Author Guidelines before submitting your abstract!


Abstracts that do not conform to these prescribed guidelines may be excluded by the Programme Committee


APA2022 Secretariat. Lilongwe, Malawi. 6th  January 2022

  1. Open the APA2022 Abstracts and Registration portal by following the link.  
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  4. New users: You did not submit an abstract in either APA 2016 (Ethiopia) or APA 2019 (Rwanda)
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  5. After creating your account, you will receive a link to automatically log you into the system in the
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  6. Please remember to setup your password once you log in by clicking on My account then the edit
    tab. Setup your password and click save at the bottom of the page.

  7. Click on Abstract Submission & Guidelines link to open the abstract submission guidelines.

  8. If your abstract meets all the specified guidelines, please click on the submission link at the start or end of the page to submit.

  9. Upload your Abstract in MS Word format by selecting the relevant file from your computer and clicking on upload.

  10. Fill out all the other required information.

  11. Click on the Confirmation and Acknowledgement tab and fill in the required information.

  12. Click on save at the bottom of the page.

  13. You will receive an email acknowledgement as soon as you finish saving your new abstract.

  14. After your abstract is submitted, you will have a new section on the bottom right side of the screen listing all the abstracts that you have submitted for this the APA2022. You can view the contents of anyone of the by clicking on the abstract ID.