Crop intensification and diversification in the context of resilient agri-food systems
Utilization of Drip Irrigation and Improved Water Management for Potato Production
Mohamed Adel El Ghandour

Egypt for Nano



Dr. El Ghandour is a plant physiologist for field and horticulture crops for over 60 years. Currently he is working as consultant in Egypt for Nano, which produces biotech and modern fertilizers for all crops of high economic value such as potato and hydroponic cultivation. Dr. M.A. El Ghandour believes that Nano technology will be the main source for fertilizers and best control for all these crops in the next “Nano age.” He also promotes remote sensing for managing most plant pests and diseases and green agriculture.

Before joining Biota Egypt, El Ghandour was general manager of CENTECH CO in Egypt from 1974 until 2019. CENTECH established the 600-acre El Shroud Farm in 1994 in the west desert of Egypt to cultivate high value cash crops for export, including potato, using modern irrigation systems and mechanized management practices from planting to harvest and post-harvest.

Dr El Ghandour received his PhD in horticulture physiology from Ain Shams Univ. Egypt in 1970 and worked as a researcher in the ARC Ministry of Agriculture in Egypt in its cotton and field crop institutes until 1986. He obtained his master’s degree in 1965 and his Bachelor’s in 1961 from Ain Shams University Faculty of Agriculture in Egypt.