Eric Magembe

International Potato Center
Late blight resistant biotech potato: A case study in Uganda

Maria Andrade

International Potato Center
Sweetpotato Breeding for Drought Tolerance

James Hutchings

Stokman Kenya
Can apical cuttings revolutionize quality potato seed affordability and supply in East Africa?

Mohamed Adel El Ghandour

Egypt for Nano
Utilization of Drip Irrigation and Improved Water Management for Potato Production

Pieter Hollebrandse

McCain Foods
Strategy for developing and implementing regenerative potato production in South Africa

Shiferaw Tafesse Gobena

International Potato Center
Understanding, managing, and monitoring Bacterial Wilt in Potato

Milton Otema Anyanga

National Crops Resource Research Institute
Fear No Weevil: Applying principles of integrated pest management to control sweetpotato weevil

Thomas Miethbauer

Networking, Partnering and Platforms for Potato Sector-Strategic Orientation and Innovation, experiences from a GIZ Global Project 

Jean Pankuku

Root and Tuber Crops Development Trust
Orange-fleshed sweetpotato processed products: Business opportunities and challenges

Gabriela Burgos

International Potato Center
Potential of iron biofortified potato to contribute to reduce malnutrition in sub-saharan Africa

Emily Faerber

Emory University
Improving complementary feeding practice with orange-fleshed sweetpotato through use of the Healthy Baby Toolkit

Dr. Graham Thiele

International Potato Center
CGIAR Research Program on Roots Tubers Bananas: theory and learning of scaling for impact

Srinivasulu Rajendran

International Potato Center
Can sweetpotato vine multiplication be a viable business? Lessons from Uganda and Tanzania