There will be a designated area for all posters

Each poster will be allocated a space which will be identified by a number to be communicated to the poster presenters.

The poster should measure 1.2m high x 1.0m wide. Kindly adhere to these dimensions to avoid inconveniences during placement.

The text of the poster should be sufficiently large for reading at a distance of 2 meters. As a guide, paragraph and figure caption text should be AT LEAST 24-point font and headers AT LEAST 36 point font.

The presentation must cover the same material as the abstract submitted. Include the background of your research followed by results and conclusions.

Organize the paper on the poster board so that it is clear, orderly, and self-explanatory.

Don’t clutter your poster with too much text. You may label different elements chronologically to make it easier for viewers to follow your display.

All posters and revised abstracts may be submitted on the Abstracts and Registration website up to 31 July 2019.

All APA2019 posters will be printed from Kigali. Any poster submitted after the 31 July 2019 will not be printed.

The poster should not be removed until the close of the conference.

Presenters should be available during poster sessions to explain to the audience and discuss their presentations.

Click on this link

to view poster templates and template instructions.

The templates have different colors based on the theme under which your abstract will be presented:

Theme 1- Apple green, Theme 2- Yellow, Theme 3- Orange, Theme 4- Pink, Theme 5- Purple and Theme 6- Brown.