Guidelines for paper preparation

All papers should include:

Title and name(s), institutional affiliation(s) and complete mailing address (es) including e-mail of the author(s) with an indication of which author is responsible for correspondence. Include telephone, e-mail and fax numbers for ease of communication. The name of the author to present the paper should be underlined. The title of the paper should represent the content of the article and briefly identify the subject, indicate the purpose of the study and give important, high impact words early.

Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Recommendations, Acknowledgement and References.


Should be a summary of experimental results, concise, must be submitted in English and not exceeding 400 words. Key words should not exceed 7.


Should provide a survey of literature and clearly justifies the need for study.
Materials and Methods
This section should be informative enough to enable readers to interpret the results obtained. Particular attention should be paid to the design and statistical analysis.


Result should be concise. Avoid reproducing information already in the Tables or Figures.
This section may be combined with results but generally should be separate. It should indicate clearly the significance and implications of the results obtained. Inferences and opinions should be distinguished from facts, and should not duplicate results except to introduce or clarify points. Reference should be made to published literature.


Financial contributors, paper reviews, etc. should be acknowledged.


Only articles or books published or are “in press” may be cited. The reference list should be arranged alphabetically. Authors should be referred to in text by name and year (Harvard style). Authors with more than one publication per year should have a letter following their names after the second publication. If more than two authors are listed, the names of the first author should be given followed by “et al.”
Names of journals should be spelled out in their entirety followed by the Volume Number (and Issue Number where available). Page numbers should be inclusive and follow a colon after the Volume Number. For books, give the title, the city of publication and the name of the publisher. Do not include number of pages unless you are referring to a section of the book. Four examples for a journal, book, section of a book and website are given below.
Mureithi J.G., Gachene C.K.K. and Ojiem J. (2003). The role of green manure legumes in smallholder farming systems in Kenya: The legume Research Network Project. Tropical and Subtropical Agroecosystems. 1, 57-70.
Campbell C.N. and Madden L.V. (1990). Introduction to plant disease epidemiology. John Wiley and Sons, New York.
Skylakis, G. 1987. Changes in composition of pathogen populations caused by resistance to fungicides. In: Populations of Plant Pathogens, Their Dynamics and Genetics. Wolfe, M.S. and Caren, C.E. (Eds.), pp. 227-237. Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford.
Koning R.E. (2004). Seeds and seed germination. Plant Physiology Information Website:
Additional Manuscript Requirements
All manuscripts must be written in British English, typed on A4 size paper and not longer than 3,000 words (excluding references) double spaced pages typed in Arial font size 11. Pages should be numbered consecutively in numeral form. Where the numbers are at the beginning of a sentence they should be spelt out. All accepted manuscripts should be uploaded on the conference website (website and not later than 31st July 2016.

Scientific and Common Names

Scientific names must be given for each organism, followed by the authority, the first time the name is used. Names of the species and genera must be italicized. For other taxa, the first letter is Capitalized but the names are not italicized. After the first mention, the generic name may be abbreviated provided it does not appear at the beginning of a sentence. The use of pesticide names should follow standard convention and the correct chemical name given the first time the pesticide is mentioned. Measurements should be in S.I. units. Mathematical expressions, equations, and formulas should be done using Microsoft Equation Editor feature.

Illustrations, figures and tables

All illustrations should be drawn on the same size as the page and be clearly labelled. Tables and Figures should be self- explanatory, without reference to the text or other tables and figures. Figures captions must be placed below it while all tables must have table headings. The tables should be done using the Microsoft Word table function. Both figures and tables must be placed where they are first referred in text.

Publication of Papers

Papers presented at the conference will be published in a volume tentatively titled “Proceedings of the 10th African Potato Triennial Conference , October 2016, Addis Ababa/Ethiopia “.

Paper Revision

An author receiving editorial recommendations for revision should submit the revised manuscript before 20th July 2016 otherwise longer intervals will be not included in the proceedings of the conference. Page proofs will normally be sent to the first author (via e-mail) for corrections if time permits