Scientists find Secret in Sweetpotato, Eat them or Miss out.

You may have shovelled down those sweet potatoes on your plate. Others have never allowed sweet potatoes on their plate. It is a common phenomenon that sweet potatoes are traditionally considered food for low income earners on the lowest position of the social status ladder. That is an absurdity, according to food scientists. They argue 

Could Sweetpotato be a Solution to Africa’s Insecurity, Malnutrition?

Dr. Jan Low is an agricultural economist at International Potato Center in Kenya, with over years of experience working in sub-Saharan Africa. Her long-term research interest is on how to successfully integrate nutritional concerns into agricultural research and development with a special focus on micronutrient-enhanced orange-fleshed sweetpotato. While in Kigali to organize the African Potato 

The APA2019 Field Trips: Potato and Sweetpotato Value Chains

Field Trip 1:  FIELD TRIP TO ORANGE-FLESHED SWEETPOTATO VALUE CHAIN IN SOUTHERN PROVINCE The Southern province is well known for sweetpotato production in Rwanda. The field trip to the orange-fleshed sweetpotato value chain includes two sites to be visited which are Kamonyi roadside market and the Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB) research 

Business interview: this Rwandan company makes pastries from sweetpotatoes

Africa is brimming with a generation of ‘venturers; entrepreneurs and innovators who are constantly establishing new businesses and developing new technologies to meet needs, solve problems, simplify lives and transform societies. Regis Umugiraneza, Uwase Larissa, Murekatete Clarisse, and Irirashenono Ada Elyse are such individuals. Their company, CARL Group was established four years ago with an 

Malawian entrepreneur creates nutritious products and a new market for farmers

After six years of helping others add value to their businesses, Malawian food technologist Jean Pankuku was so convinced of the nutritional merits and commercial prospects of orange-fleshed-sweetpotato (OFSP) breads and other baked products that she opened her own business – the Tehilah Bakery and Value Addition Centre. It’s hardly a surprise that the Chicago-based 

Rwanda set to release first new potato varieties in almost three decades

The new varieties will be the first released in Rwanda in almost 30 years. They are the product of a partnership between the International Potato Center (CIP) and the Rwanda Agricultural and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB), with collaboration from farmers, universities, cooperatives and food-processing companies. Together they evaluated 21 CIP-bred potatoes over the course 

Unbaried Treasure

Some foods are known as seasonal wonders making an appearance only once or twice a year when families gather for holiday feasts. Cranberry sauce, pecan pie, egg nog, sweetpotatoes, typically with tiny marshmallows roasted on top, were once on that list. But sweetpotatoes are on the rise.They have become increasingly recognized as a superfood packed 

Fighting vitamin a deficiency with orange sweetpotatoes

  Vitamin A is an essential micronutrient and its deficiency affects immunity. Lack of vitamin A makes children vulnerable to infections, slow recovery from illness, makes it harder to fight common childhood illnesses like measles and diarrhea. Deficiency also increases the risk of death and it is the leading cause of childhood blindness. According to 

21st European Association for the Potato Research triennial conference

It is with  great pleasure that I invite you, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, to the 21st Triennial Conference of the European Association for the Potato Research (EAPR) which will be held in Warsaw, Poland, 6-10 July 2020. We plan to prepare an inspiring program and bring together a wide and diversified range of 

Next Meeting of the Pathology and Pests Section

The next meeting of the EAPR Pathology and Pests Section will take place at the University of Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel, Switzerland, in September 2-5, 2019. This meeting will also incorporate the International Powdery Scab Workshop (Thursday 5th). The local organizers are in the process of finalizing the website, which be launched in the near future with